City that eats together

We know that a “family who eats together stays together.” But what about a city?

Families are close knit group with ties that bind them together over time. This shared history gives context and meaning. It can be an enjoyable way to spend time together.

For children, especially, a family meal gives structure and context. They begin to understand a sense of belonging.

Communication takes place around the dinner table that doesn’t have a chance to flourish at other times of the day. In a way, it is like a business meeting, but usually far more enjoyable. (Maybe we can learn something from this for our boardroom tables?)

New York City, the five boroughs and all the communities contained within, surprisingly act like a family. It begins in the way they eat together.

For the month of May, Madison Square Eats took over a small space adjacent to Madison Square Park. My husband and I were lucky enough to be there for the last 2 days of feasting. Vendors prepared food and drink from all parts of the city, representing culinary delights from around the world.

You have to see it and experience it to understand. There are no long and orderly lines where people are quietly waiting for their orders. This is New York baby. You work your way over to the stand you like, place an order, pay and they call your name across a sea of humanity that is talking, laughing and enjoying the ride.

Unfortunately, May is over and the whole operation breaks down for another season. But there is so much more to enjoy. A daily farmer’s market at Union Square and a full time establishment called the “Shake Shack”, in another corner of Madison Square Park to name just two.

It is lunch time here and breakfast time back in Vancouver….time to go eat with my temporary family in New York City.


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