According to Wikipedia:

Human multitasking is the best performance by an individual of appearing to handle more than one task at the same time. The term is derived from computer multitasking. An example of multitasking is taking phone calls while typing an email. Some believe that multitasking can result in time wasted due to human context switching and apparently causing more errors due to insufficient attention.

This could be my problem. One of the many “issues” which form a healthy list, best left buried under a cover of denial.

Multitasking – humans are probably best not to try to do. Replicate a computer? Who’s idea was that?

But the allure of multitasking is very appealing. And who doesn’t love the thrill of actually pulling it off? Typing an email and being on a conference call is tricky. Sometimes people can hear you tapping away on your keyboard and if you hesitate for a millisecond after being asked a direct question – busted.

Apparently talking on a cell phone and driving a car is worse than driving drunk. So the government has banned that kind of craziness. Personally, I drive a stick, so have never been able to talk on a cell phone, change gears and steer around a corner at the same time. Hands free only helps that situation a bit. I dedicate my commute to private fuming about the state of traffic. No one else needs to be part of that.

Lately I have been multitasking in a very strange way. It started back in February on our annual ski vacation. I was lured into watching back episodes of a TV show called Sons of Anarchy – season one. That would be fine to keep your attention quite wrapped up all on its own, but I couldn’t just sit there. So I worked on my knitting project of the moment. That week was OK, I finished season one without too much damage to my psyche, or my knitting.

The details about the next part are not clear to me now. Did I start Season two before I started to knit my lovely heirloom wrap? I guess it doesn’t matter. Suffice to say that while I was in New York last week and couldn’t watch Sons of Anarchy for a while, I came to my senses. There she was, in the window of Purl Soho, a sample of my wrap project. I knew right away I was in trouble. Somehow, after only 4 colors, I was 35″ into the thing, with 7 more to go, I was going to have a very long and skinny blanket.

Purl Soho New York City

Purl Soho New York City

This takes me back to another time of my life where my Aunt and I worked on a project together. Somehow doubling the amount of butter in a cookie recipe really does make a difference. (Very rich, flat cookies).  Of course I have done this kind of thing by myself as well. For years we moved around several extra 4 gallon cans of the ugliest green paint that I severely over calculated consumption on.

All is not lost. I have cut back the amounts of several upcoming colors in the wrap. Just need to remember which ones, probably should write that down. I think we are on episode 7 in season 4 for the Sons of Anarchy. I’m in so deep, I am calling the new FBI character, the “bad guy”.

Suffice to say, multitasking does not always produce predictable results.

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