It is with gratitude that I give thanks for everything I have, whilst feeling deep sympathy for so many people, who have lost so much to the flood waters of the past few days.

While it is a good feeling to be on high ground, well above the damaging effects of high water, it is a sickening feeling to watch the destruction that takes below.

Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, I have always thought the people there were built from different stock. They take care of each other. They band together and weather, whatever Mother Nature throws at them. It is this feeling that the neighbours have your back, which makes a community very special.

WEA Alta Flooding 20130620

Similar stories came out of the hurricane in New York City late last year. The clean-up and rebuilding still continues, however the damage was mitigated to some degree with advance warning and preparation. Southern Alberta and British Columbia had very little warning.

While the majority of lasting effects are just property damage, the nature of the destruction has a profound effect on the people involved. These buildings were the homes, the businesses, the physical places where they lived their lives. The comforting routines of family gatherings, building a company, living a life have been altered beyond recognition. For a time all these comforts are interrupted and some will never be the same.

While some may say that it is just “stuff”, I think that is a difficult pill to swallow when you are the victim. Yes, it is just a building, or a car, a park, or a festival ground. But the accumulation of all that “stuff” makes a life.

And for so many, while life goes on, it won’t be the same.

Canmore flooding

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