Flying alone

Air Canada logo

Thank-you Air Canada. I don’t think that gets said enough.

I trusted my 2 precious children to the care of the unaccompanied minor program today. The whole experience was fantastic.

Being a very well-travelled person, I thought I knew a few things. But I had a glimpse today of another side of the process. Most airlines, I think, offer a program to assist people who are in need. Today, we needed that help.

We arrived at the airport, with more than enough time, according to those guidelines that are printed with your confirmation. You know the bit about 90 minutes ahead for domestic travel? We needed that today.

The process is well designed. It is difficult people who mess things up. I won’t go into the details of that here, (defeats the purpose of this blog). Suffice to say, that is what 115 minutes ahead of departure is for. Waiting in line behind difficult people who complicate the situation every time they open their mouths. But, Air Canada did their best and had the “special” people on their way.

And that is why I like this airline. For me, in the far-flung corners of the earth that I find myself, when I see the Air Canada logo, I feel one step closer to home. Who else would I trust the care of my children to?

The funniest part of this story happened in Calgary. My sister and Aunt had signs printed with my children names. One for my son and one for my daughter. My son’s name is Fisher. I have only known one other boy named Fisher, it is extremely uncommon. But today, a young man went up to my sister and gave her a big hug saying that he was Fisher. I’m not sure if he really was, but my sister gives a great hug.

So all is good in the world.

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