That’s a wrap

If I were making a film, I would be at the end of shooting photography and heading into post production. AND there would be a party forthcoming to celebrate the momentous achievements to date.

Well there should be such a thing as a knitter’s wrap party. Not sure what it would look like. All us knitter’s elegantly perched on the edges of furniture holding cocktails in fancy glasses showing off our newly finished projects.

Probably not. We are already on to the next project. In fact we had a few more in progress all the while. The party would be more like a drop in at a local yarn store. Not very majestic or celebratory. But the most important moments in life are usually passing by without much fanfare. In fact, I think that is one of the hallmarks of being an adult, no one throws a big party after every little milestone is accomplished.

So I am taking a moment right now. This project was a big deal. Took a long time. Inspired from Purl Soho in New York City, co-designed and sourced by Kristina at Gina Brown’s Vancouver. Then stitch after stitch after stitch until finished.

It was meant to be done today. There has been a break in the heat, just enough to prompt a few windows to be closed, maybe a little wrap around the shoulders. Wait a minute….I now have the perfect one!

wrap done_web

Here are the yarns that made up this pattern. Heirloom knitting.

P.S. – now…I’m going to need something else to knit for the last 3 episodes of SOA, season 5. It needs to be easy….it is too difficult to pay attention to complicated instructions when the action on-screen is non-stop.

4 thoughts on “That’s a wrap

  1. Margie says:

    Very pretty! When you aren’t using it, you could tie it in a big floppy knot and leave it on the sofa. It would look very nice that way!

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