It is an interesting thing about long haul, International travel, where you get to see things you wouldn’t normally. There are the obvious sights one would expect to experience. The sounds of a foreign language, the smells of exotic food.

But it is with an open heart, where one must embrace the lonely hours in the middle of the night. For of all the exciting and interesting new experiences, most of us would not choose to be wide awake at 3am.

That is where I find myself right now. I performed the usual toss and turn, wearing myself down from the activity of it. That sometimes lets sleep come once again. Instead of trying to read, I decided to try writing. Putting words down in a logical order is taxing work on a sleepy brain, but not enough to make me put down this iPad and fall back into slumber.

In an attempt to be more healthy, I didn’t take my usual sleeping pill last night. Truth be told, I don’t like the way I feel in the morning. There is a chemical after taste that lasts a good 6 hours and my mood is very suppressed. However, it will be an interesting experiment to see what kind of amazing energy I have with only 3 hours of sleep today.

On the bright side, the sun rises early here. So the view from my hotel room is not one I usually get to see. That is truly looking at the bright side of this situation!


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