Evidently the term “staycation“, was originally coined by Canadian comedian Brent Butt in the television show Corner Gas, in the episode “Mail Fraud”, which first aired October 24, 2005. Of all the things that we can call Canadian, a staycation is probably one of the better examples. We are living at home, venturing out for the day, not too far away, enjoying our local communities, but not too lavishly.

Yesterday was a Vancouver Whitecaps game at BC Place. So much of that is an adventure in itself. The venue is amazing, the stadium seats 60,000 people and has a retractable roof, which was open. While the MLS has 19 teams, 3 of which are in Canada, we don’t sell out our stadium. But none the less, it is a good time for young soccer players from Alberta who don’t have a professional team.

Today is a double-header, outdoor go karting in Richmond for the boys and our local beach for the girls. We meet up on East Beach in White Rock for low tide this afternoon for skim boarding. This is a chance for my son to show off a bit. He has completed a camp earlier this summer and has been practising with an extreme amount of dedication. He really hopes to become a professional skim boarder and earn a living doing that. We have tried to gently tell him that may not be possible. He is 12, on the cusp of still being a child, easing into a tween and soon to become a young man.

On the docket for the rest of the week is:

  • Stanley Park & the aquarium
  • Salmon fishing charter
  • Cultus Lake water slides
  • Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, (I have never been there!)

If it were not for a staycation, I wouldn’t have experienced Vancouver as much as I have.


3 thoughts on “Staycation

    • Thanks so much! Vancouver and the lower mainland are places of never ending interest and delight. I am partial to warm weather, however. So your adventures in L.A. and the Bahamas are extremely interesting. Look forward to the updates.

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