Summer heat in September

It feels so nice. The warm sun on your skin. No cool breeze. Windows fully open after dark, yet still pleasant temperatures. No bugs anymore.

Although we have not had any frost yet, this warm weather has come after some pretty cool and rainy weather. So the term, Indian Summer still applies. It is a bit strange to realize that the temperature this evening, (here at the beach), is still 23 degrees C and feels like 28. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining.

Because we live in a Northern rainforest, the temperatures do not get really warm. Even in the height of summer, sea breezes moderate the heat. Humidity can make it feel warmer, or cooler, depending on the season. That is a strange situation for visitors from drier parts.

I decided a long time ago, I would never grumble about the heat. To my way of thinking, the sun is good for you. I realize there are many health concerns regarding over-exposure, but I practice balance. A healthy dose of vitamin D when it makes sense and a generous layer of sun screen at other times.

By this time of year, my skin has a healthy glow to it. I feel most comfortable like this. The hours of rest and relaxation that are required to achieve this, have been well-earned.

And like so many other things in life, I don’t want this time of year to come to an end. I want the feeling of summer, the warmth of the sun, the heat on my skin to last forever.

I am super lucky this year. In just 36 days, I’ll be boarding a plane bound for Malta. The weather there should be similar to what we are experiencing here now. Could be slightly cooler, but will feel much like summer here on the West Coast. After the conference, (days and nights of solid work time, mostly hunched over a lap top), my husband joins me for 6 nights!

The Westin Dragonara - Malta

The Westin Dragonara – Malta

Then, to finish off the year, back to La Paz, Mexico. The weather last year was very similar to our summer and that was considered to be cool compared to normal. Who knows what we will get, but I will enjoy every sunny moment of it.

Costa Baja Resort, La Paz, Mexico - 2013 January

Costa Baja Resort, La Paz, Mexico – 2013 January

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