Cookbook problem

This is becoming a problem.

  • The space I have dedicated to hold cookbooks is overflowing. There are piles of cookbooks and recipes everywhere.
  • I have recently acquired 3 new cookbooks and only begun testing recipes from one of them.
  • I’m buying some of these new cookbooks for just one or two recipes and then not really liking the rest of the content.
  • I have so many cookbooks, I can loan them out for months at a time. I don’t miss them.
  • I own cookbooks which I have never cooked from. Sometimes these are gifts, but they also represent my good intentions. Everything in due course.

But I get so much pleasure out of cracking open a new cookbook and reading all the bits of the story hidden within. I feel the sharing of recipes to be deeply personal. These are the techniques and the ingredients which the author consumes themselves. (Or at least I like to think so).

Then there is a fantastic meal which ends up amazing me. Both for the pure joy of the taste and the wonder that, “I made this!” It still happens to me. Sometimes from a new cookbook and then ¬†sometimes from a golden oldie where I dare to try something new.

The wonder at my talents is not something which is universally shared by my family. I suppose those who are closest to us don’t appreciate our internal obstacles, the dedication required to learn something new. And then there are children who just plain old don’t like the taste. But I’ve tried to show patience with that. Quite frankly, it is their problem, not mine.

This weekend and next week, (I’m home the whole time, which helps), I’m dedicating my efforts to a new cookbook from Curtis Stone called “What’s for dinner?” He has a great way of summarizing the home cooks mood on the days of the week. Phrases like “Time-saving-Tuesday” or “One-pot-Thursday”. We’ve all been there, we know what it means to be in the trenches trying to crank out healthy dinners.

Curtis Stone What's for dinner

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