For our last days of vacation, we moved to a big Cabo resort. Two pools, hot tubs, Sea of Cortez swimming beach, drinks brought to your extended hand. This place caters to people who want the best of the Mexican weather, but don’t really want to leave the US or Canada. For a short period of time, this is heavenly. The room service, fresh towels each day, anything you can think of can be had.

Yesterday, as we were making dinner reservations, my husband’s La Paz phone quit working. Over to Telcel and they explained he probably needed a local SIM card, (local to Cabo?) and they would gladly sell him one once their computer systems were up and running. Companies have blips all the time and we have come to expect a little more of that here in Mexico. No biggie.

The thing about big resorts is they get you coming and going. Everything has a cost. So I finally decided to eat the daily surcharge and get online. About 3:30pm yesterday. My husband had no luck with his phone and when I couldn’t hook up my iPad, the front desk confirmed their entire internet connection was down. Might be working tomorrow, but could be as long as 72 hours. I guess they figure that people are not that good at math and won’t be able to calculate 3 days, which is quite a long time. But, oh well – I’m on holiday and the internet will still be there in 72 hours.

7pm table at our favorite restaurant in San Jose Del Cabo – Cynthia Fresh. New location from our last visit and the menu reads, tiny print at the bottom, cash only. No problem, my husband ventures over to the shopping complex and the cash machines. Then I try to get online with my phone and I’m getting no cell service all of the sudden. As I stare at my device trying to figure out what is going on, the waiter comes over and apologizes for sending my husband for cash because he won’t get any. The cell service is down along with the internet – in the whole of Baja California Sur. Cynthia comes over to our table and says don’t worry, we can pay for our meal when we can get cash. Don’t worry, relax and enjoy the evening. (I love her!)

The kids and I start to devise strategies for how to get over to my husband and let him know he is not getting any cash and to just come back and eat. But, sending one of my children off alone on the streets of Mexico, might be a bit much. Yes, they have MMA training and no, they probably wouldn’t get lost, but we 3 decide to stay put. (I have been trying to give my children challenges and responsibilities that build up their independence. Not to mention get things done for me. Thank you to my sister for constantly teaching me that lesson).

Anyway, my husband comes back and you would think the whole thing would be over, right? Well no. The discussion at our table was around, how long would the outage be and what is all connected to this problem? My husband was pretty certain that credit card processing would be down throughout the area, so there goes anything we would want to do, potentially for the rest of our stay. But we were in a full service resort and could make do there. My daughter almost started to cry when my husband started to list of all the things that we needed money for. And then the discussion turned to flying on Tuesday. Would the planes be able to take off without an internet connection?

OK, stop this nonesence. Never has one of my Oslo trips been cancelled due to a technology or natural disaster problem. If we made it out at the time of the volcano dust cloud in Iceland when most of the rest of Europe was effected, some technology issue in Mexico is not going to let me spend a few more heavenly days in the Mexican sun. Then I took out my phone and started to see the 3G connection come back. Cynthia’s phone rang and we all smiled to hear it.

We had been “down” with real knowledge of the extent for about 2 hours. In that time, we wasted so much effort wondering what bad things might happen, what minor inconveniences we might suffer that for me, the dinner was a bit wasted. Most of us lost our appetites. It was a sobering reminder of how connected we are digitally. How much we take those connections for granted.

After dinner, the cash machines were back up and spitting out Pesos. We paid back Cynthia before heading back to Cabo. We had a huge sense of happiness and relief to know our digital world was fine and well, at least for now.


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