Ullr the god of snow

It might be our last journey along the Crowsnest Highway from Cranbrook to Vancouver. At least our last unplanned trek, in the winter. If you look at the map, it is a twisty tour through Southern BC, with short stretches where your forward progress is completely opposite of your intended heading. In the winter, it is a frozen land with little reason to stop along the way. Not much traffic to contend with, but an eerie feeling of isolation at times through the snowy glades.

What makes for great driving conditions in the winter, does not make for great skiing. In the last 8 years of this family ski vacation, we have pretty much experienced all the different types of weather. Dry roads with speedy progress through the mountain passes to black ice which could send you off a cliff in the blink of an eye. When the roads are covered in snow, the plows can’t keep up and the fluffy white stuff keeps falling, it is time to slow down, take it easy and be thankful for the fresh powder on the ski hill.

This year, skiing was as good as it gets. Big overnight dumps, fresh powder in the morning, blue bird days and heavy snow days, blanketing the runs while we ate lunch. Ullr was smiling down on us, but it was not without sacrifice. A single ski lays somewhere outside the extremely large hole dug in the snow searching. A gift to Ullr, at least until Spring.

Over the years our children have grown tall and become very good skiers. We have come together as a family to enjoy one of the sports that best celebrates Winter. We have learned to respect the danger of winter driving while enjoying the fun that comes with snow accumulation at high altitudes. These are just a few of the perks, living in a Nordic country like Canada.

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