Slide to off

I learned something important this vacation. How to slide the little button into the off position. Miracle for me. Unfortunately I didn’t think of it until Thursday morning. As I lay awake at 3:50am with my mind racing about the work email I had read and responded to before bed, I thought – there has to be a better way!

One of my problems is the increasing count. That little red circle which shows the number of unread emails. It fills me with a certain level of anxiety to watch the number climb. I take a peek, then open one and then respond to one and then I’m awake in the middle of the night on holidays!

So I slid the “mail” function to off in my settings. The number disappeared along with my curiosity and anxiety. Poof, gone. I’m not even going to slide it back until Monday morning. Aside from Mexico at Christmas when most people were also on holidays, this has been an amazing couple of days. A simple little action which tricks my mind into complete relaxation – brilliant! I only wish to have known about this sooner.


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