Deluxe for dinner

My son claims to be a foodie. It is true that he loves to eat, at least whatever I make at home. But twelve years old is probably a little young to be trying to join the club of people who “live to eat”. Of course, for anyone that knows me, this situation does not sound strange at all. As soon as I’m done breakfast, (maybe even while still eating), it is time to plan lunch and for sure dinner.

My husband is not a foodie. He likes to eat certain things. While he is trying to expand his palette, (that involves forcing himself to eat things he does not like, over and over), he admits to food being mainly fuel for him. While he enjoys certain things, it is not going to make his day at breakfast to know what dinner will be.

Despite these differences, or maybe because of them, we have carved out a nice selection of restaurants in our local area where my husband will look forward to eating out. I get a full dose of well prepared dishes which always leave me feeling great that we went out. Portions need to be small and so tasty. This leaves you wanting more, but temporarily satisfied. There has to be some mystery. A reason to come back.

On our list and located at East Beach on Marine Drive is “Deluxe“. What a great name for a restaurant. Our time here has always been an adult affair. Lately we have thought our son would enjoy it, but could he handle the elevated level of manners required for fine dining?

Friday night we decided to give it a go. He did great and was such a pleasure to have with us. Great conversation, deep appreciation for the menu items, perfect manners. It was not a big deal at the time, but as I think back, another shift has occurred. He is not our little boy anymore. If we gave him a credit card, he could probably host a group, just like a pro.

Deluxe 6 shots

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