This Week in My Sister’s Kitchen


Welcome to Barbra’s kitchen. I am Christine’s sister, so you may think that the cooking gene made it to both of us, but alas, it did not.

I am not a cook, or even a wanna-be cook, but I do like to eat…and since I do not make the kind of money to frequent restaurants that I would like my own table at, I relinquish to  hang out in my own kitchen once in awhile. My inspiration and incentive often comes from Christie – I spend a weekend with her and come home inspired to try something that I watched appear in her kitchen.

Sunday is good day to get the staples ready for the following week. My sweetie is heading off to a Black Sabbath concert (nothing says Easter like an evening with Ozzy) and my kids ditched me to go to a movie, so I have some time to spend in the kitchen. The agenda in the kitchen today has been varied – a little something for everyone.

  • Family breakfast: pepper bacon with Banana-chocolate-cocconut pancakes with coconut syrup and fresh mangoes. (No need to say it, I know….but it was delicious)
  • Peanut Butter Mini Loaves (for my son who eats the stuff with a spoon)
  • Granola (today’s version has dried cherries, apricots, goji berries, figs, coconut and almonds)
  • Kale cubes for the week’s smoothies (this may shock some…but the guy going to Ozzy loves the frozen kale cubes in his smoothies)
  • Almond milk (for the son to wash down his peanut butter)
  • Baba Ganoush (for me. I could eat it with a spoon)

Back to the kitchen, I have a mountain of bananas staring at me…

Cheers, Barb



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