This week in my kitchen

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Taking a tour of my kitchen once again. Love this blog hop. A few words about each of the shots, just below.

Healthy Water_web

Healthy water – just can’t keep enough made!

Root Veg_web


Roasted root veg salad_web

Roasted root vegetables, made into a salad.

Apple Pie Cereal_web

Apple pie granola with coconut milk, (from a can) cream topping.

Veggie Burger Patties_web Veggie Burger Done_web

Veggie burgers.

Veggie platter_web

Veggie tray – after work must have to munch on.

Beet&Green salad_web

Beet, asparagus and broccoli salad with pickled garlic and beans.


Flowers from my garden.

9 thoughts on “This week in my kitchen

    • The dressing is pretty awesome and is named such. I’ll snap a photo of the page – it is from Dr. Junger’s new cookbook called “Clean”. Check my blog later today for the photo. You can put this on everything.

  1. peggy says:

    I love the picture of your lemon water! I drink alot of water as well and would like to begin adding lemon. I heard it is very good for you. Do you drink your water first thing…? Could you share with me what all you put in there…thank you so much!

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