Stop the rain!

I know that is what he was trying to say this morning. He just couldn’t form the words properly. It has been raining for a long time. Off and on for weeks now, or so it seems. I think we saw the sun for a few hours about a week ago. Funny thing is, he thinks I should be able to turn it off like a light switch. I wish I could. If it were up to me we would get a monsoon every afternoon about 4pm. But the rest of the time sun, at least. Even if it still needed to be cool in the winter, that’s OK.

Which member of my family thinks I have magic powers like this? By now you have guessed it is our cat. He is a strange one. He insists on being rubbed around his face and neck. He will tolerate a quick stroke down his back and then he is off. Won’t cuddle. I think he doesn’t like the feeling of stepping on body parts. Would rather use a hard surface, (like my iPad) to rest his head on. I’m not sure what his life was like for the 7 years before he came to our house. It does make you wonder.

Lynch sleeping_web

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