Rookie mistake

After all the miles I have travelled, after the hours spent in airport line ups and most particularly the security clearance area, it is amazing to me what happened in Phoenix this week.

Maybe it was my mind still being on vacation while my body was making its way back. But I clearly lost my edge, somehow. I hope this is not a permanent change. Or maybe it is and I am going to be more relaxed all the time.

We all know the drill, at least anyone who has been on a plane in the last 7 or 8 years. Who honestly has to be told, yet again, no liquids!

First up was my daughter. Upon reflection, she might be the weak link in our travelling family. She insisted on being first, in some cases running ahead beyond where we could even see her. Who does that? Kind of strange really. Anyway, as she put her bag onto the scanning belt and it went through, the attendant called out for a physical check – “there are liquids in this one”.

I should also mention that we somehow ended up in TSA pre-check. I have not been in one of these lines before. So there were a bunch of new rules, most of which make the whole thing go faster. So the moment when you haul up your bag and take out all the offending items has been taken away. Zip, right through. In all honesty, I’m not sure this final check would have helped us.

Then we put through a bag of souvenirs purchased at the Los Cabos airport earlier that day. These were my purchases. As the bag went through and was pulled aside I knew exactly what offending item was in there. And my heart sank. Oh well, take your lumps. I stood on the other side waiting my turn.

My son was next, no problems. Which is where our attention had been when packing in Mexico. Was his switch blade looking comb in his carry on? No it was not.

Finally my husband. He was carrying another bag of souvenirs and other odd things. That bag too was set aside. Of 7 carry on pieces we had 3 to deal with. I couldn’t believe it.

My daughter had a bottle of soda. My husband had a bottle of water. When the examiner looked at the screen, he could not find my bag. I was not jumping up and down to open it up and show him the precious liquid inside. He proclaimed a mistake had been made and handed my bag to me, unopened. Amazing!

As a side note – I usually don’t buy so many souvenirs. This trip we picked up all sorts of things. In the photo below is a butter dish, since our new cat will devour butter left without a lid. And why not have such a pretty vessel from Mexico on our counter? But who would have thought that the item to cause the most problem was that lovely cup? Turns out it is not meant to hold hot liquids like coffee. As I found out this morning. It is amazing how far a full cup of coffee can go as it sprays off the edge of the kitchen counter. But the crack is a clean one at the base. So the cup is now going to hold a candle. Repurpose instead of throwing away. That is what someone in Mexico would likely do.

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