Monday Musings

It is amazing to see how many pieces a pyrex container will break into when you pour water in whilst it is in the oven roasting a pork tenderloin. What a mess. However this prompts an oven cleaning. And who does not love a clean oven? My children had no idea that was the proper color of the inside of the oven. They also did not realize how well you were supposed to be see through the window in front.

A friend of mine sent me a few radio call in stories around the theme of first world problems.

  • i’m going on holidays to Mexico and i can’t find my Tiffany sunglasses, so i will have to take my special order Raybans.
  • when i got to the bottom of my $5 coffee, it was too sweet because the starbucks person didn’t stir it for me
  • I’m feeling kind of tired – and i want to sneak out of the office early today to go home and take a nap, but my cleaning lady is there today

Laughed out loud on the last one.

If you should want some further inspiration along the line of gratitude and giving back, check out the “Secret Billionaire: The Chuck Feeney Story”. It is just under 60 minutes running time, but worth every one.

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