Something I lost…

Well it is almost halfway through my “6-weeks to a New Body” program and I was starting to feel a little discouraged. It is not so much the exercise that I despise. (Which is how I thought it would be). It is the careful selection of foods and the corresponding quantity, or lack thereof.

To be clear, it is not a diet. I am consuming fewer calories than I have done for the last 25 or 30 years of my life. My body has changed. My metabolism has slowed. I’m older and kinda out of shape. Considering everything, I’m actually amazed at how well I’ve been holding up. The neglect from the lack of exercise alone, should have left me in worse shape.

I’m drinking herbal teas and freshly made green juices and water. So, much, water. My Mom used to tell me to drink a glass of water when I complained of hunger, just before dinner. I could never understand that. I’ve spent years laughing at that advice. Now, I drink the water. And I tell my kids to as well.

Serves me right, a little. I’ve had so many years of “living it up!” Big dinners with lots of food and drink have been a favourite source of entertainment for the whole of my adult life. It has only been in the last few years where the “bloom has come off the rose”, so to speak. I’ve started to wonder if there was more to life? When I got serious about answering that question, I was forced to make some changes. If I wanted things to be different, then I had to act differently.

Realizing I was almost halfway through today, I decided it was time for one measurement. I’ve been cautioned that weight is not a good indicator of how things are changing. It’s all in the measurements. I was shocked to see that I have lost 3 inches on my waist!

These things happen so slowly, it was hard to notice. What a boost. I sure needed it tonight. An evening workout is so hard for me. It seemed to drag on forever. As I faltered, I thought about the measurement and kept going.

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