Update to “About CW”

CW Coffee_webI started this blog in 2011 with a desire to record what I see and experience in the world. The twist was it needed to be “the good stuff”. As I go about my day, make it through the week, I try to notice what is happening around me, that which has a positive angle.

I find, when we focus on the things that are right in the world, we tend to agree. This dialogue lifts the human spirit in a way that is very universal and inviting. We are brought into a welcoming space, feeling bigger than ourselves.

My blog is a collection of ideas, resources and photographs that can be used as a source book of sorts to acknowledge and remember all “The Good” that is constantly happening around us. Use this interactive journal to help practice gratitude in your life. I hope you leave here feeling connected to other people in a very wonderful way.

Welcome to The Good Life List!

A short list of interesting things about me:

  • I’m a curious planner. I hope for the best and plan for the worst.
  • As a young girl I yearned to be old. Imaging what my adult life would be like consumed me. It has turned out, (so far), nothing like I thought, and that is a good thing.
  • I hold stress and anxiety, “below the water line”. On the surface I look calm and serene, but underneath I’m paddling like crazy.
  • My husband is my favourite person in the world. My children are next, but I’m preparing myself for their need to fly, each day a little more.
  • Love to create things, working with my hands to produce something that I can look at and say, “I made this!”
  • My mind is rarely quiet.
  • Organization is calming for me, everything in its place and a place for everything.
  • I love to hear my children tell me their stories, little pieces of their personalities spilling out of them.
  • A conversation with my husband, if I am really in a bad spot has always been able to restore my confidence.
  • There is always a pile of books at my bedside, I love to read and will have 3 or 4 books on the go.
  • I love the effect of physical exercise. My mind is clear, my muscles feel strong. Cannot say I love to actually get out there and do it.
  • When I go through periods where I can post every couple of days, those are good times. Lots of good stuff is happening. I live for that.



2 thoughts on “Update to “About CW”

  1. Margie says:

    Excellent short list! Many of the things you talk about are things I would put on my short list too – relationship with husband; enjoying the journey of children as they move towards independence; creating things; organization… and list making!

    Congratulations on 4 years of blogging – I’ve enjoyed every minute of following you, and watching you grow!

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