On the second day of grateful

I have to admit, it was not the best sleep I’ve ever had. I tossed and turned all night. Let me re-frame that. In this most lovely king-sized bed, with the faint sound of a babbling fountain outside our door, I slept a little restlessly. With no obligations looking ahead and another day of sunshine and warmth on the horizon, my night was not perfect. Hard to believe these crazy expectations we can so easily put on ourselves. Our internal critic vigilantly suppressing our sense of joy.

As I wondered aloud to my husband, what day 2 of this gratitude appreciation might bring, (and also declared how amazing it was I had even thought of doing this yesterday morning), my husband came across a TED talk with an interesting quote. “Want to be happy? Be grateful”, by Brother David Steindl-Rast. I have heard this before, from Brene Brown. But, in the heat of something, it can be so very hard to remember this.

It was extremely difficult to enjoy the day, until I had certainty. Of what? I wasn’t sure. Details, facts. The small things that would make the last 24 hours seem logical. Of course that didn’t really come. Over the course of time, I just became more comfortable, as more facts flowed in.

  • The driver of the other vehicle was alive and well.
  • A new rental vehicle was driven up from Cabo San Lucas
  • We all had a wonderful afternoon and evening together, cooking, eating and playing games

So I am grateful that we could all move past the drama of the past 24 hours. I will sleep better tonight, of that I’m sure.



One thought on “On the second day of grateful

  1. Margie says:

    I expect it takes a few days to think in terms of mañana – a here and now lifestyle where tomorrow, or a schedule for tomorrow just isn’t all that important!

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