On the third day of grateful

It is Christmas Day and there are palm trees outside my window. A neighbour has a hummingbird feeder out, so these lovely birds are darting around everywhere. One landed on a branch close to the window shade I was opening this morning. My husband was up at first light to go fishing. Something he always loves, once he commits to getting out there. Leaving a warm bed is sometimes the most difficult part of that.

Today I am grateful for these opportunities. It is one of the gifts that a car accident can jolt your attention towards. It is so easy in this world we live in to become entitled. We expect too much and are dismayed when we don’t get what we want fast enough.

My husband and I both work very hard at our jobs, and for that make a good salary. But, why do we tend to think about what is next, rather than celebrate what is now? The next job, making more money shadows the good of the day, of each wonderful moment.

When I think about the driver of the other vehicle, (from our recent accident), I have a shocking realization for how much I have. How will he be spending this Christmas? Combination of tending to his wounds, maybe trying to salvage what was left of his little truck, (because nothing goes to waste in Mexico – it is the ultimate in recycling), possibly having to face the police.

Because of the wonderful country and family I was born into, my opportunities were amazing from the moment I was born. I’ve had excellent guidance along the way, but I’ve been challenged to create my own path a long time ago. Along with my husband, we have carved out a great life so far. But the trick is to enjoy that life. Embrace the amazing moments along the way and really appreciate them. Tell people around you how much they have contributed to your happiness, rather than look to complain when something isn’t perfect.

Christmas Day was spent doing what each of us really liked to do, however that panned out. Eating when we wanted, coming together for dinner, drinks and games. On last day before “regular life” resumes, here on the Baja.


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