On the fifth day of grateful

Being social. I am super grateful that everyone in my little family finds it easy to meet people. My children are not afraid to engage total strangers. My husband can work a room effortlessly. I hold my own, but I struggle with it, internally. I’m a bit like a duck, calm and serene on the surface, but underneath paddling like crazy.

I think the ability to socialize is a skill as much as a trait, or natural ability. It seems you can learn and practice to become more comfortable. At least that is my strategy. Over the years, the process has become easier, but I do wonder if I am really an introvert at heart. When I read about those kind of people, I feel like I relate to them better. But anyone who knows me would find it hard to believe because I do present as an extrovert.

In quiet, reflective moments, I dream about spending time alone. As I am enjoying this Christmas holiday, I can imagine a return visit where I would have big blocks of time to just write. If it were extremely important to me, I could schedule to make more time for myself, even now. But something about being with other people has an even stronger pull for me than time spent alone. Which is a good thing, because tomorrow we are going to lunch with 7 people we just met. 2 new groups of people we somehow managed to merge together. It is going to be amazing to spend time with people who have a shared love for the Baja. And listen to a whole bunch of new stories.

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