On the sixth day of grateful

Here is how my Christmas celebration of the 12 days is shaping up. The next task of turning it into a song is going to be the tricky part.

  1. luck
  2. calm
  3. opportunity
  4. health
  5. social
  6. co-operation

It’s funny how a words working definition and it’s actual meaning can start to stray apart. Co-operation is defined as “the process of working together to the same end.” The example sentences are using phrases which imply that both parties are thinking of the same end, goal or result. But too often co-operation is used to infer that I want you to go along with my goal and I’m asking you to co-operate rather than challenge. If you don’t assume my same end then you are uncooperative. At least this is a dynamic I see being played out in business relationships, all too often.

What I am grateful for is that my family of 8 here on vacation has very similar goals. So we are co-operating at a high level. A bunch of smart people, working together, sharing ideas and solutions is an amazing thing. It is like making a super brain, we are so much better together than to be working at odds.

Not that anything happening here on vacation demands solutions requiring advanced co-operation, but it is the small thoughtful ways I see it play out which is so nice. My daughter, last night wanted to join in for an evening swim and she said she would go with what the group decided rather than force her own will. That is some co-operation I didn’t know she was capable of. Maybe there is a strong tendency for her to co-operate, I just have not figured out the shared goal to bring that about.

I guess the trick to co-operation is to discuss the shared end first. Establish the goals and get consensus. Then co-operation just falls into place without any further discussion. That is what I am seeing here on vacation. We all want to have fun and have a similar idea about what that involves. We all need some quiet time, which is why everyone has their own private room and why the 2 family condos are a short walk away from each other. When we all feel like our needs are being met, it is easy to play together nicely. That is how you pick who you can vacation with and who you can’t. This type of co-operation is key.

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