On the seventh day of grateful

Lucky number 7 which I am grateful for has to be fun. We are eight people travelling together and each having a strong sense of self interest. So it has been interesting to watch how everyone manages to have fun, within the context of the group.

Some might think that parents just dictate. In many families, I’m sure that is the case. Even when the kids were younger, we kind of did just what they might have preferred. But now, everyone has a say. Along with a vote, we all consider what others want and need.

Some people need to eat frequently. Otherwise fun comes a quick halt. The “hangry” personality is no joke. Even falsely accusing someone of this is a serious situation. I should know, got told I was hangry this morning and I most certainly was not. In fact, that conversation started to make me, plain old angry.

Some need a good night sleep, getting to bed early. Some need to sleep in. I need to exercise. All of us need some quiet time. We all make sure to get what we need so when we are together, we are fully present, ready to have fun.

I’ve been watching the kids, ours and others around us. They are able to launch themselves into the act of having fun at 100%+. There is no doubt or hesitation. No worries about what others will think. They just respond to what makes them feel good. This is so refreshing to see and I am inspired everyday.

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