On the ninth day of grateful

I am so glad I thought of practising gratitude in this way while on holidays. It will be a great reminder of this trip, more so than the photo’s alone. The gift of this exercise comes from spending the time to think about what is happening here, (away from my regular routine), and frame it in gratitude. That is not how my mind works normally. Maybe I can come away from this experience with an awareness of moving more of my thoughts into a light of gratitude.

Today I am feeling especially grateful for technology. As we count down the last hours of 2015 tonight, we will be surrounded by family and new friends. It is the amazing technology of air travel that allows this kind of experience. Even the boat tour we did to Isla Coronado the other day, made possible by an outboard motor fixed to a panga. It is all these transportation technologies which make travel so readily possible. It has never been easier and with such relatively low cost.

At the same time, the technology to communicate has become a normal way of life for many of us. The ability to socialize in this new way and reach people from around the world is remarkable. I know there is a debate about how much this superpower should be used and if young children should participate, but to have the luxury of the tools, with easy access is amazing. I wonder if people debated the “health” of reading in the early days of publishing? Shouldn’t children be outside playing, rather than have their nose in a book? I might have been one of those bookworms as a child.

The creation of new technologies is what can make the world a better place. The people who are pioneering the future in this way are my version of heroes. History will thank them, as their work will leave a wonderful legacy.

What an amazing time to be alive. I am humbled and grateful to be part of the generation which grew up with limited access to digital technologies, but now can appreciate the widespread use of it.

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