On the tenth day of grateful

As I watch the sun come up and stream into my window through the palm trees, there is a few moments to reflect on the the New Years Eve party we hosted last night. Through the friendly and outgoing personalities of my husband and brother in law, we invited 4 Germans from Hamburg and 2 fellow Canadians from Vancouver to a little gathering at our casita.

You would think that if you put a bunch of people in a room with very different backgrounds, there would be nothing to talk about. But not us. We love learning about new ideas, different histories and discussing topics of interest involving new stories. I think by sharing in this way, we learn not only about other people, but something new about ourselves. (And we tried to learn quite a few new German phrases).

Today, on the first day of 2016 I am grateful for my continued interest in learning. I think that is what attracts me to people now. The conversations and insights which interesting new relationships can bring into my day is wonderful. Every social interaction is a possibility to learn something. Then in turn apply it, in some small way to my life.

I used to believe that learning only took place in a formal institution with course outlines and teachers and tests. I resisted that setting. While I always performed OK, there was something fundamentally soul crushing in that social arrangement. With the help of technology, I can learn something as often as I desire.

This morning as I was opening my eyes, I wondered how can I have my first private thoughts of the day reflect a more wonderful and adventurous spirit? Instead of turning over a to do list in my mind, maybe a better thought would be – “what can I learn today?” In that phrase is the quest to seek understanding. I’m pretty certain my mind can learn something quite useful each day, if I give it the space and opportunity.

One thought on “On the tenth day of grateful

  1. babalin says:

    Your blog today made me think of my dad, and his lifelong quest to learn. Dinners at home growing up often included the question “What did you learn today?” And the understanding was it was a waste of a day if you couldn’t come up with something! I remember him taking Con’t Ed classes, (and being mortified that my grade 4 teacher was also his typing teacher!) Mom, too. In the early 60s, she took Chinese cooking classes – way ahead of her time!

    The Internet is a new tool he uses fearlessly (as opposed to many seniors!) too. It is amazing what he finds!
    And yo

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