On the twelve day of grateful

  1. luck
  2. calm
  3. opportunity
  4. health
  5. social
  6. co-operation
  7. fun
  8. habit
  9. technology
  10. learning
  11. joy
  12. love

Here we are at the end of the song. What a great way to spend my days in Loreto Bay. I know that this is probably the best vacation I’ve ever had because I have cast everything about it in the glow of gratefulness. I would not have changed a thing, because it all served to teach me something important.

As we head down to San Jose Del Cabo to connect with my parents and squeeze in a few more days of fun, I turn my attention to love. I think love is at the centre for me. It all starts there. Even the act of being grateful for something, is born out of love.

For me, love is the strongest of emotions and grounds itself with an intense bond. Maybe some people cast love around with no conviction, I keep it in a more sacred place. But I’ve been a bit stingy with it, to be honest. A bit like Scrooge and his money. But like the old curmudgeon himself, this exercise in grateful has taught me something extremely important. These emotions multiply like rabbits when you recognize them. Give them a little cheer and watch them fly. They serve you well by just being released from their bonds.

And so it is with love at the fore that I enjoy these vacation days, and maybe I’ll give it a go everyday. I know for sure that life can beat you down sometimes. If you are fortified with love and other intense feelings of grateful, at least you stand a fighting chance. What better way to is there to live and thrive?

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