Stop the rain!

I know that is what he was trying to say this morning. He just couldn’t form the words properly. It has been raining for a long time. Off and on for weeks now, or so it seems. I think we saw the sun for a few hours about a week ago. Funny thing is, he thinks I should be able to turn it off like a light switch. I wish I could. If it were up to me we would get a monsoon every afternoon about 4pm. But the rest of the time sun, at least. Even if it still needed to be cool in the winter, that’s OK.

Which member of my family thinks I have magic powers like this? By now you have guessed it is our cat. He is a strange one. He insists on being rubbed around his face and neck. He will tolerate a quick stroke down his back and then he is off. Won’t cuddle. I think he doesn’t like the feeling of stepping on body parts. Would rather use a hard surface, (like my iPad) to rest his head on. I’m not sure what his life was like for the 7 years before he came to our house. It does make you wonder.

Lynch sleeping_web

Creative soul

After a very hectic couple of months, this weekend was my time to settle back into my groove. That means turning my focus to what matters most. Seems logical enough, and probably easily done for most. But I really have to practice turning off the world for a bit.

Started on Friday. We wanted to surprise the kids with the family pet, we had discussed, but not confirmed we would get. So we hoped over to the local animal shelter and had our new, old cat, Lynch unleashed into our life by surprise to our children. My daughter was so over joyed, she almost cried. That reaction was unexpected. Clearly she had listened when we had firmly told her, no promises.


Saturday I started my knit along. Yarn, needles and pattern in hand, the first post also indicated I needed to create a space for my knitting. Well, that meant I needed to transform the chair in the corner into something a little more special. For that, I needed to do a little second-hand shopping. And this day turned out wonderfully.

Knitting Space_web

Sunday was about Annie Sloan paint. My newly found, old treasures needed some chalk paint love. So in between coats drying, I knitted rounds in my temporary digs. I’ll have to carve out time over the course of the week to get the wax on. Then there is the beret, which is the reason all of this started. Only half done the ribbing.

Annie Sloan projects_web

So little time, so many creative things to do.

Pet birds

My daughter is cultivating a friendship with a few Stellar’s Jays. Like crows, these birds will gladly take advantage of food being left out for them. But they especially like peanuts in the shell.

My husband’s family has always lived here in British Columbia where the Stellar’s Jay is the Provincial bird. In addition to having a native advantage, my Father in law is a prominent British Columbia birder with an impressive “life list”. So he knows a few tricks.

There is one Jay that my husband has named “Scruffy”. He has a little twist in his head feathers that make him look a little disheveled. He is smaller than the rest and seems a little more needy for the peanuts. But no matter who comes in to grab them, the daily peanut ritual is quite entertaining.

The idea is to put out a small amount of peanuts. (My daughter gets carried away thinking more is better.) If the peanut buffet sits out too long, the Crows barge in. The Jays make a terrible sound when a lone Crow is advancing, and can usually hold their ground. The Jays ability to imitate the cry of the Red Tailed Hawk doesn’t help them when they are facing off against a big Crow.

If there are many peanuts to choose from, the Jays start to get a little choosey. They will pick up and put down several peanuts decided which one is the heaviest.

The goal is to get the Jays to feed closer and closer to where we are sitting. And they are. Maybe one day, an outstretched hand will do. At least, that is the hope for my daughter. (Or maybe the whole family.)