The family ski

We travelled about 1,000 kilometres by car yesterday. In the winter, through the Rocky Mountains, which can be a walk on the wild side. The snowy highway gods were feeling generous this year, and let us pass with no troubles. We made record time, in just over 10 hours.

I have been coming to this place since I was a teenager. And now my children have learned to ski here, recognizing certain landmarks year after year. Improvements have been made, but essentially it is the same.

In my job, I have the fortunate opportunity to visit and ski in some of the best resorts in North America, but there are a few things that make me love this place above all others.

  1. My family is here. It is a great time to connect, play games and put in some turns together. My husband and I believe that a family that which plays together, stays together.
  2. When you check in, or pick up pre-paid lift passes, no-one assumes you are trying to take advantage. There is no ID verification, they just take your word that you are who you say you are.
  3. The outside hot tubs are actually kept at 104 degrees F or better. You don’t get out there and wonder how long it will take to warm up.
  4. The shop that sells bathing suits has the largest selection in Western Canada with staff that know how to fit a bathing suit on a less than perfect body and make said body look pretty good.
  5. In the cold winters, there is an ice road that you can drive your truck across.
  6. The ski chalet on the hill is open beam wood construction, small and cozy with a real wood fire burning to warm your toes beside. You can always get a seat by that fire, even if someone is there first

Family time

It is one of my goals this year to spend more time together as a family, doing stuff. We try to be together now, but I don’t think individual play on a computer, all 4 of us in the same room really counts. Or at least, that should only be one of the activities we do together.

Sunday we skied together. It has become such a fun way to spent the day as a family. The kids are old enough and competent enough to ski on their own, but they like to be with us. I know this will not last, so it is with immense pleasure that I hold on to these days as long as possible.

So far, I have come up with the following activities:

  • games
  • movies and live theatre
  • skiing and swimming
  • bike rides
  • walks
  • reading aloud
  • cooking and eating
  • volunteering
  • camping and fishing
  • arts and crafts

I have found that, by spending time together, we discover what is going on in each other’s lives. In a chance conversation with my son on Sunday while sharing a plate of poutine, he mentioned a ski club at his school. We come to find out that registration is almost closed and the club only had 6 spots left. To think he almost missed out on night skiing and taking lessons in the dark!